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WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is a fully integrated plugin for the WordPress website.

WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is very easy to install and use.

Final Thoughts on WordPress SMS Plugins So now you know SMS Marketing Plugin is the best tool to grow your business.

By using SMS Marketing Plugin for WordPress you will remove the communication gap and you can target the mass number of people with just one click.

If you want your WooCommerce store to benefit from text marketing’s 45% conversion rates, read this guide.

If you think about it, e-commerce marketing is like playing, “Where’s Waldo?” Waldo is your ideal customer someone who needs what you’re selling. Everyone else surrounding him is not your target market. Your job is to convince Waldo to purchase from you.

Most brands acknowledge this and then apply a spray and pray approach to reaching their version of Waldo anyway. They run Instagram ads with special offers to broad audiences and send a bunch of emails to a barely-engaged list.

They cross their fingers and their toes. Meanwhile, everyone not named Waldo feels like this:

For years, e-commerce stores got away with this. Sure, it was inefficient, but the economics still worked.

Now there are too many well-funded direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands playing fast and loose with their marketing budgets. As a result, customer acquisition costs have reached a point where they’ve outpaced customer lifetime value (LTV).

You read that right, the total amount a customer spends with a brand is now less than the cost it takes to acquire them It’s never been more necessary for your marketing to filter out the noise.

You’re likely reading this because you’re searching for a WooCommerce SMS marketing solution. So, you already have an inkling that text marketing is a great way to reach an engaged audience. You’re also probably well aware of the challenges facing e-commerce marketers.

While you should be dubious of money-making silver bullets, with SMS conversion rates as high as 45%, texting is a cost-effective way to acquire customers.

In this guide, we cover in detail how you can send SMS messages from your WooCommerce store. We also guide you on the kind of messages you should send.

Marketing through SMS has now evolved and become widely popular for a number of reasons. One, it gives the retailer’s or sellers the ability to engage in SMS marketing since all messages sent from the store will be via sms. This is also helpful for feedback and customer service as well as for tracking the actual sales that have occurred. Therefore, if you are planning to have your own online store, SMS marketing is something you definitely need to consider. However, it can still be a little difficult to engage in. This is why we have put together this SMS Marketing for WooCommerce Guide.

The first part of the SMS Marketing for WooCommerce Guide is about understanding how to install the right plugin for your store. The two main types of SMS plugins are the plugins and wp SMS plugins. For the sake of simplicity, we will focus on the second one since it is easier to use and understand compared to the former. With that being said, it will be easier for us to proceed with the next part of this SMS Marketing for WooCommerce Guide.

Next, we will take a look at some of the features that you can use for your e-commerce website through the use of a sms marketing plugin. One of these features is the Send Invitations feature. This allows you to create various invitation mails such as for customers, prospects, and clients. Once you have already sent these mails, you can then track the orders that have been placed. You can also send them when new products have been added to your site.

Another feature that you can use with your WP SMS Marketing for WooCommerce Guide is the Send SMS Updates function. With this feature, you will be able to send various SMS messages to your customers, clients, and prospects as updates regarding the product that they are checking out. It will allow you to determine if there has been changes in the order status of the product that has been placed. Aside from that, you can also use this feature to notify customers of new product releases. Apart from that, you will also be able to determine if there is any alteration or change in the pricing structure of the products that you are selling.

If you are using a plugin that enables you to do so, then all you have to do is login into the plugin. There, you will be able to set the following parameters: open rate, open messages, twill sms gateway, and threshold value. The open rate is the time that a customer has to wait before sending his/her message. In other words, the open rate is the time that is considered as the waiting time before an SMS message is sent to the person that you want to send the message. The open messages are the SMS messages that you are allowed to send before customers have decided on whether to accept or decline the product. Lastly, the threshold value is the number of SMS that you are allowed to send in one period of time.

All the parameters can be adjusted according to your needs. However, if you have some additional ideas in mind, then you can make use of the WordPress BackOffice to search for the best plugins for SMS marketing. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to integrate SMS functionality with your existing website. One such great plugin that you can use in your WoComprise Guide is the Abandon Cart Text Message plugin, which can be used to display a simple text advertisement for your Abandoned Cart’s product.

Why Is Text Marketing So Effective?

We wrote an entire article on why text marketing is so effective.

It’s worth reading in full if you’re still on the fence about whether you should send messages.

One reason that speaks to DTC brands is that people want to receive your texts. As our “Where’s Waldo?” analogy highlights, most advertisements are ignored because people simply aren’t interested in your product. It explains why cold audiences are so difficult to convert.

But since people subscribe to receive your texts, your message is guaranteed to reach an audience genuinely interested in what you have to offer. It goes a long way to explain the high engagement and conversion rates businesses see when they send SMS campaigns.

The Different Types of SMS Plugins for WooCommerce

WordPress Mobile SMS Marketing  for WooCommerce is fully features integrated wordpress sms plugin that enhance your business and sales through wordpress sms marketing .

First things first,WP SMS is one of many WooCommerce SMS marketing solutions. We encourage you to do your research on what’s available.

? We recommend you read reviews on third-party sites start a free trial , and ensure that whatever platform you go with has all the necessary features It’s worth pointing out that the majority of options outside of WP SMS are WordPress SMS plugins. These plugins operate in two ways:

A) They integrate contact form builders like Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms with an SMS gateway like Twilio.

B) They integrate an SMS gateway with WooCommerce to send transactional SMS to customers, i.e. the customer is notified via SMS when their payment is processed.

The problem with option A is that you can’t send transactional SMS as most e-commerce stores don’t use these form builders for their checkout page. The issue with option B is that you’re limited to just transactional SMS.

Plus, if you’re not a developer or don’t have access to one SMS gateways might not be a good fit for you. For example, if you want to create an auto-response to a keyword using Twilio, you’ll need to use the programming language PHP.

With WP SMS, it takes less than five minutes to set up a keyword and an auto response no PHP required.

Today 8:25 AM

Finally, the problem with installing too many WordPress plugins is that they can slow down your site.

This may seem like a minor concern, but if your page takes 10 seconds to load, the likelihood of someone leaving your site increases by more than 120% We offer an affordable, user-friendly, and versatile WooCommerce SMS marketing platform that can send both promotional and transactional messages. You can connect it to your WooCommerce store through Zapier, build an SMS subscriber list with our free tools , or do both.

Regardless of the platform you choose, you’ll need to follow a few steps to send your first SMS. Each platform works a little differently, but here’s what’s involved with WP SMS.

1. Choose a Phone Number for Your WooCommerce SMS Marketing Efforts

The first thing you need to do once you sign up for an account is decide what number you want to use. By default, we set up every account with a toll-free number that can send and receive messages.

If you’d prefer, we also have a memorable short code specifically for e-commerce customers: 900900.

You can apply for access to this number under your account settings. Our team will ask you a few questions about your use case, then switch your account over at no extra charge.

You can read up on number types here.

2. Integrate WooCommerce Directly with WPSMS Plugin

This step is optional. You can collect numbers at checkout and trigger SMS messages based on specific WooCommerce actions using Twilio API Integration.

Want to collect numbers with a pop-up or widget?

Install WP SMS Core plugin then navigate Applications tab, Find WooCommerce integration addon, and purchase it

From there, you can configure the triggers and the actions , so everytime woocommerce does it.

When this happens in WooCommerce… Do this in WPSMS…
Order created Send SMS Message
Order updated Send SMS Message
Customer created Send SMS Message
Coupon created Send SMS Message

It’s possible to add short tags to customize the SMS message body, like %shop_name%, %order_id%, %order_count%, %order_amount%, %order_status%, %billing_name%, %shipping_name%, %shipping_method%

Of course, to send messages for any of these events, you need to ask customers for their phone numbers and permission to text them.

WP SMS marketing is opt-in only, meaning you cannot message people without their express written consent. Leave it up to your customers whether or not they want to sign up for messages.

Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with high unsubscribe rates and possibly fall afoul of TCPA regulations.

In addition to keeping the phone number field optional, you should add the following disclaimer next to the field:

If you use the WooCommerce checkout page, you can go to Appearance in the WordPress menu → click Customize → choose WooCommerce (at the bottom of the menu) → select Checkout . You can now edit the checkout form. We recommend that you move the phone field to “Optional.” From here, you can also add terms and conditions where you outline your text marketing program.

Alternatively, you can use the WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager and add in the disclaimer and optional field in one go. The benefit is that if you’re not a CSS wizard, it’s easier to style these changes to your form.

The ultimate aim here is to reduce any customers receiving unwanted texts.

Get The WooCommerce SMS Marketing  Addon for WP SMS Core Plugin

3. Start Collecting Numbers from Customers

If you already have an email form on your site, you can add a phone number field to it then pass that info to Twilio. We have a native integration with Mailchimp that lets you seamlessly sync your contacts between the two platforms.


That said, there are two other effective ways to turn visitors into subscribers:

  • Announcement bars
  • Sign-up widgets

With WPSMS, you get a free keyword with your trial and unlimited keywords with any of our paid plans You can add a keyword to an announcement bar about your site:

We’ve also seen customers add their keywords to product packing, inserts, and social media posts.

An announcement bar with a keyword is probably the quickest way to get started if you’re eager to try texting.

However, if you’re after 670% list growth , then our mobile sign-up widget is for you.

When someone clicks on it, their phone’s native messaging app opens with your phone number and keyword prefilled:

All they have to do is click send and boom they’re subscribed to your messages.

What SMS Messages Should You Send to Your WooCommerce Customers?

We wrote an entire guide on texting for e-commerce stores.

We also offer some great ideas in our ultimate guide to SMS marketing for Shopify.

Here are some further examples of how your WooCommerce store can use texting.

1. Offer SMS Customer Service

Many e-commerce stores use texting to answer more complicated customer questions that require a human response.

Text messages have a reputation for being more instant and personal than emails or webchat, so companies usually make themselves only available to answer questions for a select number of hours a week.

Take a look at this example from Versed , a leading skincare retailer. They offer an hotline that customers can text in for questions:

2. Send SMS Order Notifications

We already mentioned how you can send SMS notifications by connecting SimpleTexting to WooCommerce with Zapier. It’s also one of the top reasons customers want to receive texts.

The reason why people like SMS over any other source of communication is that it requires no extra effort and doesn’t disturb their daily routine.

3. Launch Products

You can also use SMS to launch products. If you have a VIP program, consider giving them early access and/or allowing them to pre-order the product.

This can also be an organic way for you to spread the word, as VIPs may naturally share how much they like the product with others in your customer base.

4. Collect Reviews

E-commerce customers are a clever lot: they know that all the shiny adjectives you’ve put into your product descriptions are there to provoke a sale.

That’s why adding customer reviews and feedback to your product pages can help you increase sales. And you can grab your customers’ attention by sending feedback requests directly to their mobile device.

5. Send Promotions

Promotional texts are the bread and butter of most WooCommerce store’s text marketing strategy.

With SMS marketing, you can create a unique SMS keyword that your subscribers can text in to receive a discount code. When your subscribers text this keyword, they’ll immediately receive an exclusive discount code that they can apply to their next purchase:

Today 8:25 AM

Once you’ve built your SMS subscriber list, you can continue to send promotions regularly:

Today 8:00 AM

Finally, if you want to send abandoned cart text messages, we recommend reading the two following articles:

All About T-Mobile’s New Shopping Cart Reminder Policy

The Wrap on SMS for WooCommerce Stores

When starting with texting, it can feel awkward or even scary because you keep telling yourself, “Do my customers really want to receive texts from me?!

We’ve worked with thousands of e-commerce retailers, and the results they see from their SMS campaigns are impressive. Here’s a small sample:

Whisker Seeker sees a 25% conversion rate from its SMS promotions Eu Natural earned a 563% ROI with one SMS campaign

The above are just a handful of our customers that are thankful they started sending texts.

And remember, if you don’t engage with your SMS subscriber list, it is useless. You want people to be able to depend on you through consistency in your text marketing, build trust by always offering value, and increase the front-of-mind factor.

As you can see, texting your list doesn’t have to be difficult, and involves very little extra work.

Sign up for a free trial, follow the tips above, and let us know how it goes. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the chat bubble in the corner of the screen. We’d love to hear from you.

SMS Solutions for E-Commerce Businesses

Drive customer engagement with Twilio WooCommerce SMS marketing solutions. Try us free and get started on growing your eCommerce business.

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