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WP Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing Is a fully integrated wordpress sms marketing plugin with Twilio that sends SMS notifications and enhance your business and sales through a powerful wordpress SMS plugin.

WordPress bulk sms marketing plugin has rich features like:

  • SMS Campaigns Scheduler Campaigns
  • Management And Handling Auto Responder .
  • SMS Newsletter Widget
  • Twilio Integration SMS Gateway
  • WordPress SMS plugin

Description By WP SMS you can add the ability of SMS sending to your WordPress product.

If you are running a marketing group, consultancy agency, spa, gym, yoga class, fitness center, shopping center, business agency, hotel, restaurant and hospital etc you must have this wp sms plugin to enhance your business and to communicate with your customers on WooCommerce Store remotely in order to grow your business. e.g if you are running restaurant and you have a product like Pizza, every person send/subscribe your Pizza campaign/group by SMS or Call, You can send him automated information, promotions, notifications, discount offers by bulk, schedule and send all of your management related newsletters which will be at your finger tips with WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin wordpress bulk sms plugin is one of the most powerful plugins ever created for wordpress .

Now you can easily send messages to the subscribers of campaigns, subscribers of news letters, any number or any admin number along with proper notifications in the wordpress

Very Easy Installation

No need to setup database or any third party integration. Our plugin is available and working with three most powerful sms gateways (Twilio ) . With just a few clicks you can install and start using wordpress bulk smsplugin.

And you don’t have a live (paid) account of twilio gateway in order to use this exclusive plugin. Please check out gateway’s official websites for per message cost in your region.They have a good trial plan to test the features.

Setup And Configuration Is Also Very Easy

We have created wordpress bulk SMS  marketing plugin by keeping in mind all necessities of users. It can be very easily setup and configured from options.

We have many options available for users to easily setup and configure the plugin as per their needs and requirements Each and every single customer will get lifetime updates from our us. You can easily upgrade our plugin to its latest file whenever there is a new version or feature update.

WordPress Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing Plugin is now integrated with woocommerce infinite auto responder feature.

Whenever order status is changed / customized user and admin will get sms notifications. Further more wp sms plugin is available with SMS  supported up to 1600 characters within a single message with Number Rotator, also you can handle each and every single feature and settings from one place, as easy as you are adding a group in system (we guarantee no other wordpress plugin have this functionality). You can choose numbers and subscribers to send updates with options rather you want to send to new subscriber or to all subscriber. You can shuffle multiple number by selecting multiple campaigns in sequence. With advance and two way chat feature admin and subscribers can chat very effectively. All buy number options are now getting numbers with curl using single dynamic function. From time to time we have been adding more features and constantly increasing the plugin performance. In our earlier script files users were not able to immediately deliver / send messages from scheduler but now they can even send immediate messages from scheduler as well. Web widgets can also be customized nowJust some back-end changes – User can check message status on sms report page – Scheduler will show sms stats for each broadcast – Admin notifications on subscription are added on web widget – Added more possible sms status to mark number as a fake if sms not delivered to a specific number – Fake number manage feature is added.

Powerful WooCommerce SMS Integration

Available with another new spectacular feature that no other plugin of wordpress have: (WooCommerce Orders Status Notifications). Real time reporting with woo commerce sms  autoresponder and much more inside.

Click The Link Below To See Live Demo of SMS marketing

Important Info Relating Product

  • You must have a cron job for scheduler and campaign scheduled delayed sending.
  • With new release of number rotating time delay depends on how many subscribers are there it can take 15 minutes if you have 2000 subscribers to send bulk messages with or without rotator.

WordPress Multisite Network Features

Multisite is a wordPress feature which allows users to create a network of sites on a single wordpress installation you can run a network of multiple wordpress blogs and websites from a single wordpress installation. You can have a network of sub-domains like or directories like Open up your wordpress multisite Network for other users to create an account and get their own wordpress blogs. As a super admin you can install themes and plugins and make them available to all other sites on the network. However, other site admins on the network will not have the capability to install themes or plugins. As super admin you can change make changes to themes for all websites. Website admins can not make changes to their themes.

Unlimited Features and benefits:

  • Our sms marketing plugin tool have a very high open rate
  • Very high conversion rate
  • Cost effective and very affordable
  • Inexpensive
  • Using the most flexible complete SMS gateway (Twilio)
  • Very user-friendly
  • Usage is effortless
  • Receiving and sending texts feels really personal, like you are having a face to face conversation and it’s a part of our everyday lives.
  • Sends SMS notifications on any type of WP websites
  • Twilio the latest SDK version
  • Powerful WordPress sms plugin
  • Sending instant SMS to clients
  • Very speedy – delivers on time (Twilio supports on time messaging)
  • Improvement Appending country code to numbers.
  • Easy customization and personalization available
  • More than 65,000 small and big customers across the world are using our plugin
  • Boosts business and companies with bulk sms marketing
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Pre order today and start earning via offering mobile sms marketing
  • Affordability
  • Better than Email marketing
  • Efficiency (while email marketing causes Spams)
  • Can be used with Facebook Ads generator
  • Improved Security
  • Easy Marketing
  • Personalization of Messages
  • New look and feel
  • Each your customers 24/7
  • Customers prefer wp sms marketing plugin
  • Manage easy opt in / opt outs
  • Automated messages
  • Easy usage and handling
  • Daily reporting
  • Detailed analytics
  • Schedule your campaigns
  • sms surveys
  • Short codes
  • Integrate with any plugin
  • Web to sms


Customers Support

Our Customer Support Team Is Stand By To Respond All Of Your Queries Relating Our WordPress SMS  Plugin And Custom Development In Case You Need Any Help.


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