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With WP SMS plugin – You can build better user experiences Drive engagement and increase transactions in your WordPress Website. WP SMS offers WP SMS Addons and Solutions as WordPress SMS Notifications and SMS Alerts.
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Why Every Website Needs WP SMS Pro?

WordPress SMS Plugin is here to make your life easier. WP SMS is designed to help you send out text messages directly from your WordPress website. It integrates with popular services like Twilio, Clickatell, Mobext, and many more. With WordPress SMS Plugin, you can easily set up automated notifications for customers or staff members so they can stay informed, no matter where they are.

WordPress SMS Plugin is simply the best WP SMS plugin that sends SMS notifications to WooCommerce customers, EDD customers, and even to users who have subscribed to your SMS mailing list Through WP SMS Marketing addon,. You can even personalize the message by using special tags for each user.

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WP SMS Plugin Key Features

Boost Your Local Business: Cultivate Repeat Customers!

Boost Your Local Business

Cultivate repeat customers by effectively leveraging powerful SMS marketing to drive customer loyalty and significantly increase foot traffic to your local store.


Seamlessly connect buyers and sellers, driving more transactions by integrating advanced chat features with your shopping cart, payment system, and comprehensive reviews platform.

WP SMS Marketing

Amplify your marketing efforts significantly and drive customer action at any stage of the marketing funnel, from initial brand awareness to final conversion and ongoing customer retention.

Customer Services

Personalize customer experiences effectively, tailoring all communications precisely to meet any customer’s specific needs at every step of their unique journey.

Account Notifications

Keep customers well-informed about every significant change to their account instantly, ensuring they are always kept in the loop and updated in real-time.

Build Communities

Significantly increase engagement within your online community and keep all conversations safe and secure with essential moderation tools for a better experience.

Digital Health

Create immersive and interactive chat experiences for modern connected patients, supporting them comprehensively at every step of their detailed healthcare journey.

Event Reminders

Effectively automate reminders for all upcoming events or important appointments, ensuring your customers never miss any critical or significant date.

Feedback Collection

Gather immediate and valuable feedback from your customers via SMS, helping you to continuously improve your services and significantly enhance overall customer satisfaction.

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