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WooCommerce SMS plugin – Send SMS notifications to Customers

WooCommerce SMS plugin

WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform that allows you to sell online. It has become one of the most popular platforms for selling physical goods such as clothing, books, electronics, and other items. If you want to start selling online, then you should definitely check out WooCommerce.

But if you want to add another level of convenience to your customers, then you should consider using WooCommerce SMS plugin.

What is WooCommerce SMS Plugin?

WooCommerce SMS plugin is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to send text messages to your customers. The plugin works by sending a message to your customer’s phone number whenever they purchase something from your store. This way, you can notify them about their order status or any important information regarding it. You can also use this feature to promote special offers on specific products.


For starters, 90 percent of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent

How does WooCommerce SMS work?

When someone purchases anything in your website, WooCommerce will automatically generate a unique code which contains all necessary details including:

  • Order ID
  • Product name/description
  • Price
  • Quantity ordered

The generated code is sent via email to the user who made the transaction. Once he receives the notification, he enters his mobile number into the provided form and clicks “Send”. Then, the system sends him a text message with the above mentioned details along with a link to confirm whether he wants to receive more similar notifications.

If he confirms receiving the message, then the next time when he makes a purchase, WooCommerce will again generate a new code containing the same details but different than before.

Why Should I Use WooCommerce SMS?

There are many reasons why you should choose WooCommerce SMS over regular emails. Here are some of those benefits:

1) Easy integration

You don’t need to install any additional plugins to integrate WooCommerce SMS with your site. Just activate the plugin and follow its instructions. 2) No spamming

Unlike regular emails, WooCommerce SMS doesn’t contain any links or images so there won’t be any chance of getting caught up in unwanted junk mail filters. Also, since these texts aren’t delivered through email servers, they’re not subject to SPAM laws.

3) Better response rate

Since people usually prefer texting rather than reading long emails, they’ll respond much faster to your messages. 4) More personal touch

Since you know exactly what kind of content each person likes, you can customize your messages accordingly.

5) Easier tracking

It’s easier to track sales numbers and statistics because you only have to look at how often users click on the confirmation link instead of having to count individual emails.

6) Less expensive

Sending bulk SMSs costs less compared to traditional methods like email marketing.

7) Free

This plugin comes completely free of charge.

8) Flexible pricing options: With WooCommerce SMS, you get two types of plans depending upon the amount of transactions per month.

9) Customizable templates

You can create custom templates for every type of product and offer.

10) Unlimited recipients

You can set unlimited recipient groups within the plugin settings page.

11) Multi-lingual support

All translations are done manually so you can easily translate the plugin into multiple languages.

12) Support 24 hours   a day

Our team members are available around the clock to help you out if needed.

13) Compatibility

We’ve tested our plugin thoroughly across various browsers and devices.

14) Security

Your data remains safe as we never share any sensitive information with third parties.

15) SEO friendly URLs

Best SMS plugins for WooCommerce notifications

SMS is a very powerful tool that can be used in many ways. It’s not only limited to sending messages, but also includes the ability to send automated text message reminders and alerts. This article will show you how to use this feature of WordPress with WooCommerce.

The best way to get started using SMS on your website is by installing an SMS gateway provider like Twilio These services allow you to build apps that interact with other websites via phone calls and text messaging. They provide APIs, which means developers can programmatically access their service from anywhere. Once installed, it takes just minutes to configure them. You simply enter your account credentials and voila! Your app works instantly.

How to add SMS functionality to WooCommerce?

  1. Install WordPress SMS Plugin
  2. Enter your Twilio account settings under the tab ” Settings”
  3. Enter your API key and secret keys
  4. Start by testing out by using Test Tab.
  5. Install/Activate the WooCommerce SMS addon
  6. Adjust the settings of the order statuses.
  7. It’s done.

The plugin works like a charm, and instantly without any coding skills.

The following list shows all the SMS gateways currently supported by WooCommerce. If yours isn’t listed here, contact us directly and let us know about your needs.