Adding SMS functionality to WordPress websites

If you want to provide Text Messaging services to your wordpress wordpress site visitors or want to send text message online to your loved ones and company employs. With WordPress plugins, you can enhance your website’s features which will provide this service free of charge. You can also find deals to promote your products through some of these services. All you have to activate the plugin and add the sidebar widget, so visitors can subscribe to text message and can have live chat. Even you can set the plugin to auto-text updates out each time a post is published!

Millennials, in particular, are notorious for avoiding phone calls. A Pew study found that 63% use text messages every day, whereas only 39% were reported to place phone calls daily. This disparity is expected to continue to grow.

How do I add sms functionality in website?

In short, There are many APIs available now. Some free gateways n some commercial. Free gateways might give you some limitations like number of SMS per day / some demo text included in the SMS.


Over 130 SMS gateways are available through this platform, including: Twilio Clickatell BulkGate ClickSend SMS Heymarket SMS Tatango TeleSign SMS by Zapier Zapier offers integration with WordPress itself , as well as WooCommerce , Gravity Forms , Formidable Forms , and a handful of other plugins .

Just like when using a plugin, you’ll still need an account with whichever SMS gateway you integrate with your WordPress site, and that provider’s rates will apply .

Since there are many, I personnay would suggest to look at the twilio API. This is a simple REST api.

What Can You Do with SMS on Your WordPress Site?

You already know how to integrate your other marketing channels into WordPress social video email . But with SMS getting so little airtime when compared to the rest, you might not be aware of the full range of its capabilities.

I was actually surprised by one of these use cases recently when I found out that my favorite local food truck sends out text messages when they’re parked nearby (since their schedule can be erratic). It ended up being a huge timesaver for me as I was getting tired of having to stalk their site (both physical and digital) whenever I had a jonesing for their tacos. It’s also just a really nice touch for a small business to offer a notification service like this something I was able to sign up for through their WordPress site.

So, if you’re thinking that SMS is only for super-sized ecommerce sites, think again. SMS would be great for:

  • Instant verification or confirmation of a signup
  • eCommerce notifications as a purchase is confirmed, order is processed, package is shipped, etc.
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • A heads-up about special, insider deals
  • Notification about new blog posts, video content, etc. published to the site
  • Alerts related to exceeding account limits, password verifications, recent transactions, and so on
  • Confirmation for upcoming appointments
  • Reminders that products need to be refilled or reordered

SMS Marketing Case Study

SMS-only contests like the one Tide ran to get new mobile subscribers and generate greater brand awareness Here’s an example of how American Airlines handles their flight notifications. This is what it looks like on their site:

And here is the SMS notification I received:

As you can see, there’s a lot that can be accomplished by sending a simple text message to your visitors. And, even better, you can use these messages to complement your other marketing efforts, driving them back to the site or turning their attention to your other marketing channels.

Just keep in mind the general “rules” you’ll want to abide by:

  • Only send text messages if your visitors have expressly given you permission to opt them in.
  • Always give them an easy out if they decide to change their mind. Include a STOP or OPT OUT option in the message.
  • Keep your messages under 160 characters.
  • Include a clear call-to-action. SMS should always be sent with a purpose: read this, fill out this survey, use this coupon code, etc.
  • If you do include a link, make sure the landing page is optimized for mobile and removes any unnecessary steps so your visitors can get right to what they need, just like Silverstone did.

And, of course, don’t forget to schedule them for an optimal time and date. A text on a Monday at midnight is not likely to go over well with your audience.

Why should I integrate SMS solution into my website?

SMS marketing is gaining broader adoption when it comes to simple use cases such as blasting messages or sending alerts.

Most SMS marketing solutions focus on using messaging in the same way brands have been accustomed to using email marketing and it looks more or less something like this: Segment and cohort subscribers Write content/creative Include a link for a call to action (CTA) Schedule campaign Launch campaign Measure results There is nothing inherently wrong with this use case.

SMS marketing is a very effective channel for these general use cases: Customer acquisition which includes acquiring net new customer mobile numbers or augmenting your existing customer data to include mobile numbers.