Best WP SMS Integration Plugins: Features/Functions compared

One way of increasing sales is by using SMS marketing and WordPress messaging plugins and one way of increasing business is by using best SMS plugins for WooCommerce. In this article, you will discover how best to integrate it with your eCommerce site. SMS Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use. It allows you to create text-based interaction between your company and customers, which in turn increases the conversion rates. There are numerous companies that offer SMS marketing solutions for both small businesses and large corporations. The question here is, how do you choose the right solution?

In fact, there is no specific answer to this question. Basically, there are two ways of integrating SMS into your business: one way is sending SMS to your customer by using a mobile device and another way is sending text messages to your customers by using a computer and a smart phone. Sending SMS message to buyers is a vital requirement that almost every eCommerce site must have. So, as a WooCommerce site owner, what are your options available for SMS integration with your store?

You can of course try all these solutions. But let’s face it, there is only one SMS plugin that provides a complete solution. It is called WooCommerce SMS Provider. This plugin not only allows you to set up a store and start sending SMS messages from your store, but also keeps track of your orders and sends you a notice whenever you have a new order to make. Moreover, you also get to customize SMS format for each order, so that you do not miss any important sale opportunity.

This plugin works great for online shops. Apart from letting you send SMS messages to your customers, you can also set up reminder functionality for the same. For example, if you are in the process of replenishing products, you can remind your customer that he is going to need to buy more of a product, before the current stock runs out. With these customizable features, you never run out of ideas for sending out notifications.

If you are running an eBay store, then you can use these great WooCommerce SMS Gateway and SMS Publisher for easy sending of orders to your buyers. In fact, with these two tools, you can send sms messages from your website, through your email, or through a third party application. And the best thing about them is that they come with a free trial version, so that you could test out their functionality before you actually purchase the plugin. Thus, in case you find that these two tools are not working well for you, then you could always purchase the pro version which offers more extensive functionality.

These two amazing WordPress plugins offer all the functionality that you will ever need. They make it really easy for your customers to make purchases using their credit cards, and they can do it from anywhere, as long as they have Internet access. You just have to insert the payment information into the fields provided by the plugins, and your customers will be able to place the orders right away. However, for advanced payment processing needs, such as those that involve multiple payments, you may want to consider getting the Professional version of these two great WP sms gateways and SMS publisher plugins.

When it comes to selling products and services, there are a lot of other factors that you will need to consider. And for every business owner, having a tool that will help you manage the entire payment process using text messages is just what you need. And if you are still wondering whether you should use a free version of this WP plugin or the Professional version, the answer is that you should use both. These two products, in combination with the Best WP SMS Integration Plugins, will allow you to manage all of your clients’ data from one single place, with all of the bells and whistles.

Some people are still skeptical about using this type of software, but the fact is that there are a lot of people out there that use it every day. Whether they use the Best WP SMS Integration Plugins to manage their orders, the payment process, or the text message notifications for customer satisfaction, it works every time. And if you are still wondering whether you should use the free version or the Professional version, you will never run into any problems using either one. In fact, the Best WP SMS Integration Plugins and the Professional version may actually increase your profits. So, get started today, and start getting all of your businesses transactions organized with these fantastic SMS gateway programs.

Sending SMS alert to customers is an essential requirement that every eCommerce store owner has. So, as a WooCommerce store owner, what are the options available for SMS integration?

Again, SMS integration will depend on your GEO location and the service provider. Moreover, one may want to send many different types of notifications like order confirmation, the payment received, sending tracking info, cross-selling products, etc.

So, I have selected only the best SMS integration plugin for WooCommerce that offers global services and have features like:

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Sending order notifications
  • Settings in the Admin panel to control SMS
  • Send SMS to any Indian mobile number.
  • Direct contact with customers
  • Event-based custom text messages
  • Send order details via text messages.
  • New order or canceled order notification
  • Order complete notification
  • SMS delivery report to sellers

Not only customers but even sellers can get SMS notification using an SMS plugin.

Best WooCommerce SMS Plugins

So now let’s look into the best SMS plugins available for WooCommerce :



WP sms plugin
WordPress SMS Plugin

If you are planning to add SMS notification functions to your WooCommerce store, then Twilio is the best solution. They’re reasonably priced and have an excellent API. Not only eCommerce, but a user can integrate this plugin into any type of WordPress site. It includes the function to send a text message from the plugin settings page. The plugin also offers a Pro version that comes with additional features.


  • Custom function for sending SMS to any number
  • Services to send messages to international numbers
  • Plugin setting page enables sending a text message directly
  • Manage SMS related settings with additional tabs
  • Shorten URLs using or Google URL Shortener API

Also, available Pro Addons, for Contact form 7, SimpleAuctions Pro,WP Job Manager, GiveWP, Classipress Theme by Appthemes, Vantage by Appthemes, Adforest Theme and more, Check out full list of WP SMS ADDONS

YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications

Woocommerce sms plugin
Woocommerce sms plugin

The YITH WooCommerce SMS plugin is an independent extension. Let me tell you that it is not free. For single-site usage, you will have to pay $63.99. The plugin offers order updates over the phone via text messages. Sellers can receive and send an SMS to customers if an order status changes.


  • Automatic SMS sending when the order status changes
  • Integration with premium SMS service providers
  • Enable/disable SMS notification sendings
  • You can insert short-links in the message body
  • Create and send a new message from the order detail page
  • Extend character length of a single text message (default 160)
  • YITH WooCommerce “Request a Quote” integration
  • Custom order status SMS notifications

SMS Alert Order Notifications

OTP sms plugin wordpress
OTP sms plugin wordpress

This WooCommerce add-on is useful when there is a need for notifying both buyer and seller about an order. Both of them get order alerts via SMS. A seller can configure the plugin so that buyer and seller can both get SMS notification after an order is placed. Moreover, the SMS notification options can be customized in the admin panel easily.


  • OTP for order confirmation & verification
  • SMS to customer and seller on new user registration/signup
  • Order SMS notifications to both seller and buyer
  • custom templates for order SMS notifications
  • Sending order details using text messages
  • Event-based custom SMS template
  • Sending order status like pending, on hold, complete, cancel
  • Block user mobile number
  • Supports WordPress multisite
  • Daily SMS balance on Email

WooSMS – SMS Module for WooCommerce

woosms module for woocommerce wordpress plugin
woosms module for woocommerce wordpress plugin

The WooSMS module is a unique SMS plugin for WooCommerce. The best part is you can update your customers through text messages across 200 countries. Sellers can promote their products via targeted & personalized bulk SMS. Refer to some of their robust features:


  • Personalized and automated SMS notifications
  • Event-based SMS message templates
  • Notify customers about changes in order status
  • Multilingual SMS templates
  • Bulk SMS campaigns & target marketing
  • A complete overview of SMS messaging activity


wp sms plugin wordpress
wp sms plugin wordpress

The WP SMS WooCommerce extension is completely free. Besides, the developer team offers a Pro version, yet the basic is free of cost. To use this plugin, you need to register with anyone of the SMS gateways they support. Using WP SMS, you can update your customers about new and existing products.


  • Send SMS automatically to users and admins
  • Two-step verification for extra security
  • Instead of password login with mobile number
  • Supports more than 180 SMS gateways
  • Newsletter subscription via SMS
  • Integration with other WordPress WooCommerce plugins (Pro version)

WooCommerce APG SMS Notifications

Similar to other plugins here in this list, the WC APG SMS plugin works the same way. The WC – APG SMS Notifications sends a message to customers every time the order status changes. Besides, it also notifies the seller in the event of a new order. For this plugin, you must have the latest version of WooCommerce.


  • Support more than 30 SMS gateways
  • New order notifications to seller & buyer
  • Send text messages to the international customer
  • Collection of variables to personalize messages

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