Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Twilio?


Many are wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to Twilio. Before we get too far into the subject, it is important for us to define exactly what Twilio is and why it is being considered as a better choice over SIP based phone service providers. Basically, Twilio is an internet phone technology that integrates with the web and provides users with VoIP capabilities. The technology is not new but has just recently been released onto the market for consumer use.

As we all know, VoIP is the ideal communication solution for individuals who own mobile phones, and businesses that need to provide mobile phone based solutions to their employees and clients. So what makes Twilio stand out from the rest of the competition? The answer is simple – it’s integrated technology.

Twilio integration allows for the easy and complete configuration and operation of VoIP equipment within the company’s existing infrastructure. With this in mind, a company can have a single company account that integrates all VoIP devices, including web-based apps and traditional phones. The company can then have all of their existing IT staff be trained on how to implement the technology and even train other employees on using the new technology as well.

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To make things even simpler, Twilio now provides a hosted VoIP solution through its cloud server technology. Rather than having to purchase or manage hardware and software, the company simply pays for usage based on the amount of bandwidth and hard drive space used. This allows for greater flexibility, portability and scalability for both hardware and software. Therefore, a web-based service provider can now offer a more robust and versatile application platform to their customers than they could before.

As a telephony service provider, Twilio has a few advantages over its competitors. For one, Twilio is already in place and fully functional with a large and dedicated customer base. Therefore, companies looking to start up can focus on developing the business instead of worry about whether or not they will be able to compete in the market in the future. Additionally, since Twilio already has a large customer base, companies can be certain that their brand will be recognizable. Once again, by leveraging on a large base, a company doesn’t need to spend the money to develop their own brand and instead can leverage on an already established and recognizable brand name.

There are several ways that Twilio can improve its functionality and service while providing users with a more cost effective way to communicate. Through improvements to its application interface and integration points, a web based service provider can add SMS support, video calling and advanced file sharing capabilities to their packages. Also, by adding Twilio integration to other products like smartphones and iPhones a company can allow customers to have access to their account from any location. These additional features would make the service more appealing and allow users to enjoy the added benefits without having to pay the full price for them.

The advancements that Twilio has made in their functionality has been quite impressive. In fact, in just a short period of time Twilio has moved from being known as a simple conference service to one that has integrated with many of the leading businesses in the world including Citibank, SAP and AT&T. Even Microsoft and Cisco have jumped on board and offer their employees web based email services. Now businesses can take their employees, their equipment and their phones with them anywhere they go. This is especially helpful for companies that are expanding their business globally and want to be sure that all of their employees are able to stay connected at all times.

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Even with these amazing advances in the realm of communications, there are other options available to businesses that may prove to be even more beneficial. Phone-based VoIP solutions are becoming very popular with companies who want to save money. These companies simply use a special headset and keyboard to make calls rather than having to purchase and maintain a handset. By integrating with phones through Twilio it is possible to see a dramatic drop in maintenance costs. In this day and age it’s more important than ever to look for ways to reduce overhead and stay competitive.

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