How WordPress Bulk SMS Notifications Can Boost Your Business

WordPress Bulk SMS is now one of the widely used ways through which small business owners can do mobile promotion by sending bulk SMS messages to certain list of cell phone numbers, with the help of which they are able to personalize the sender’s name for better branding purpose. Now, the world is changing fast and everyone is under pressure from time to time. People are busy in their daily schedules and when they come across an opportunity to reach out to people through a faster medium like mobile, they grab it without any second thoughts. This is one reason why businesses are now moving towards online marketing through online marketing campaigns instead of other conventional methods. One of the most popular and fastest way to get your business across the market is to launch a mobile SMS marketing campaign.


To make your business promotion a bit easier and make it a real wow factor, WordPress SMS plugin enables you to integrate all your latest marketing tools such as text, image and video advertisement into your website and thus give it a complete touch of class. This text, image and video integration feature of WordPress SMS plugin not only give you a better look and feel but also helps you in getting more number of leads. WordPress SMS integration feature is very simple and that’s why it has become so popular among the entrepreneurs. There are some simple steps that you need to follow to integrate WordPress Bulk SMS Campaign with your website.


The first step in integrating the WordPress SMS software with your website is by choosing the best platform for integration – WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management system which is used by many web developers around the globe to create affordable and attractive websites. For this reason, you will find millions of users out there using WordPress on a regular basis. If you choose WordPress as your platform for integrating your sms marketing plugin, you will have a unique opportunity to grab the opportunity and become a part of this growing community of web developers and designers. WordPress offer various plugins which include SMS Gateway, SMS Grabber and Inbuilt Search Engine Optimization.


After installing the WordPress site and getting instant SMS notification using the WordPress SMS Gateway plugin, you can now start using your WordPress site. To do this, you need to login into your online store and select ‘Add New’. Next step is to select ‘Build HTML’ and choose a template from the available options. Finally, you need to fill in your company details and click on the ‘Save’ button to set your business details. You can now start sending bulk sms to all your customers and clients on their mobile numbers.


One of the best features of this sms marketing plugin is that it allows you to track the performance of your website visitors very easily. For example, you can see the number of visitors to your site, the number of new subscribers and the total number of subscribers in your list. It is very easy to check the performance of your online store by sending an SMS to all your subscribers using the admin dashboard of your WordPress site. For sending a text message to all your subscribers, you just need to create an event and send your text message.


Another useful feature of this is marketing plugin is the scheduler feature. You can set up the sending of SMS to different people at different time intervals. This gives you an opportunity to send SMS to your customers anytime without having to wait for the fixed time period of your online store. If you want to know the exact number of subscribers who have received your SMS, you can use the’Ping Your List’function of the admin dashboard of your WordPress site. This function also gives you the real-time information of the number of visitors to your site every day, week and month.


With the help of this powerful feature of WordPress, you will be able to automate the whole process of SMS marketing and get better returns on your investment. If you have to send a text message to a customer, you don’t have to type out each and every single letter. With the help of the bulk plugin, you can easily send out bulk messages to your customers without much effort. You can configure the message that you are going to send and its content. There are various categories and options in the bulk plugin that allows you to send different SMS to different groups of people. This is very useful for businesses that send promotional or commercial SMS to their customers as it helps them to improve their sales conversions.


The features offered by the plugins are extremely user friendly. There are several themes available in the WordPress Bulk SMS notification and you can easily change the default theme if you feel that the current one isn’t suitable for your needs. You can create different profiles in your admin dashboard for different types of SMS like those from your database or from different contacts. These days, many developers offer free plugins so you can choose one that suits your needs.

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