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The best way to market your products and services is by using WordPress SMS plugins. In India, WordPress SMS marketing has gained a lot of popularity over the past few months. A majority of users in the country have turned to this method to communicate with their clients and keep in touch with them. However, not every user knows how to make use of this powerful blogging platform and plugin. It would be better if users from India take a look at the information below that will help them in getting more out of this popular mode of communication.

First of all, it is very important for users in India to know about the various types of gateways through which they can send SMS to their customers. The most popular gateway that people can utilize is the WordPress SMS Gateway. This type of plugin enables users to post text messages on their WordPress blog. Once a text message is posted on the blog, users can easily send the same through an SMSC to their mobile numbers.

WordPress SMS Gateway plugin enables users to post text messages on their WordPress blog. This particular plugin comes as a part of the All in One SEO Pack plug-in for WordPress. This type of plug-in allows the publishing of pictures and videos from social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Users can also send instant messages to their friends through this WordPress plugin.

Apart from posting photos and videos on the blog, the WordPress SMS Gateway plugin allows users to send various types of commands to their website. For instance, they may want to create links on the side bar of their website. This plugin enables the users to create the links on the sides of the website or any other location where the visitor of the website may click. The users may also customize the buttons. WordPress has many themes for different purposes like blogs, forums, and profile pages etc. Users may use any of the themes for customizing their websites.

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This WordPress plugin has various other features as well. It displays the latest information about RSS feeds on the homepage of the website. This enables users to see the latest information without browsing to the RSS feed section of the website. Whenever you update something in your blog or website, this plugin sends an instant notification to your followers on your Twitter or Facebook account. Whenever any new content is added on your blog or website, this plugin sends an instant notification on your Twitter or Facebook account.

This WordPress SMS Gateway plugin enables the users to make calls to other users using their mobiles. This plugin also enables the users to send voice messages to others. Users are enabled with the option of sending different types of voice mails like voice mail, voice message, voice fax, and voice email. If any user wants to stop receiving text messages on his or her phone, this plugin allows the user to do that.

The gateway server connects to a gateway provider and uses the port number provided by the gateway provider. The port number is based on the settings of the server which have been predefined. The gateway software will then connect to a data source of the phone numbers. The data source consists of multiple databases which are updated regularly so that each phone number remains updated with the latest information. Users are able to get complete details about the various companies, their addresses, numbers of employees, and the present location of the business from the database.

This plugin makes it easy for customers to track their delivery status, shipment date and time, total order value etc. It also provides complete details about the customers such as name, address, company name, contact number, product name, unit price, date of purchase etc. It gives complete details about the customers’ past orders, total number of products purchased etc. For all these purposes, all a customer has to do is install this amazing WordPress SMS Gateway plugin.

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