WordPress SMS plugin is gaining huge popularity in the web. More users are making use of this great tool for their online business. It is so easy to install and very user friendly. There are many free plugins available in the market, but it is not very effective if you compare them with this one. If you want to get better performance from your WP SMS plugin, you should try to implement some advanced features.

First of all, you need to purchase a WordPress SMS plugin. It is available for free in most of the reply. After purchasing, download the plugin and install it. It will display a short code in your WP dashboard. You can use this code to receive text messages from your friends.

You can also add your WordPress email address into this plugin. Make sure you have your plugin activated before sending any email to the plugin recipients. Some users might not be updated with the latest version of this plugin. In this case, they will not receive the latest messages. So, if you need to contact them, you should update them immediately.

To use this WP SMS plugin, you should open an account on any major social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, etc. Select the plugin option in the settings and click on “send sms”. It will display a short code and you should copy this code and paste into your message. Your users will get instant notification about any new messages you are sending.

You can also create multiple accounts. Your users will see your details in their lists. This will give them an option to choose you. You can also add your email address as the sender of emails. It is easy!

You should be careful while sending mass messages to your users. MMS is the ideal tool for short and medium term communication. You should not send sms for two weeks or more. The main cause behind this is that there is no chance for you to identify your recipient. A lot of people have faced problems because they were unable to identify their receiver after sending bulk mails.

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Your WordPress blog should be updated at least once in every day. You just need to activate this plugin. You will receive an alert in your email box whenever your blog content is updated. This will help you keep your users updated. Moreover, you will also be able to manage your daily blog posts and updates through this plugin.

There are many plugins available on the net. Most of them are free of cost. However, some of them will only work for registered members of the WordPress community. If you are interested in using any of these plugins, you should first register yourself with the WordPress organization.

However, before activating any plugin on your WordPress website, you should always make sure that it is working fine. You can test it by sending some text messages to a particular plugin. If it receives and send text messages properly, then that means that you have successfully activated that plugin. If it does not work properly, then that means that you need to fix the problem. You can do so by contacting the developer of that plugin.


The best way to get the developer’s contact information is to use the WordPress help option. When you click on ‘Help’ from the menu, you will be provided with a list of options. From here, you can select ‘register’ as one of the options. You can also click on the option ‘send a test message’, which will send you back a test message if any problem comes up while sending a message to a specific plugin.

You also need to make sure that your plugin is compatible with all the operating systems that your readers use. It is not enough for your plugin to work on your desktop computer and laptop. It is also a good idea to ensure that you have installed an email application that can send and receive SMS messages to and from your WordPress blog. Most email applications come with this functionality.

Sending text messages to WordPress users is a great way to communicate with them. It is also a good idea to automate the process. That is why you should activate your plugin and have it tested. As long as you are sending the right messages and your plugin is compatible, you should be able to receive SMS from any device. It is easy to set up and very simple to use.