WP SMS gateways are an essential part of any WordPress site. They allow you to send messages via text message to your customers, clients, and subscribers.

There are many different types of WP SMS gateways out there. Some are free while others cost a small fortune. In this article, I am going to give you a comprehensive guide to the best WP SMS gateways.

List of WP SMS Gateways

SMS Gateway is a service that allows you to send and receive text messages from your website. It’s the best way for businesses of all sizes to communicate with their customers, clients or employees. The most popular type of gateway are SMS gateways which allow users to access mobile phone networks via an internet connection instead of using GSM/GPRS network. This means that they can use any device such as PC, laptop, tablet etc.

What gateways are supported in the plugin?

We’ve tested all major gateway providers:

  • Twilio.com
  • Plivo.com
  • Clickatell.com
  • Bulksms.com
  • Infobip.com
  • Nexmo.com
  • Clockworksms.com
  • Messagebird.com
  • Clicksend.com
  • Smsapi.com
  • Dsms.in
  • Esms.vn
  • Isms.com.my
  • Sms4marketing.it
  • Magicdeal4u.com
  • Alfa-cell.com
  • Moceansms.com
  • Msg91.com
  • Msg360.in
  • Livesms.eu
  • Ozioma.net
  • Pswin.com
  • Ra.sa
  • Smsfactor.com
  • Textmarketer.co.uk
  • Smslive247.com
  • Sendsms247.com
  • Ssdindia.com
  • Viensms.com
  • Vsms.club
  • Websms.at
  • Smstrade.de
  • Bulksmshyderabad.co.in
  • Yamamah.com
  • Cellsynt.net
  • Cmtelecom.com
  • Zain.im

.Why do we need a WPSMS Gateway for our business?

.WPSMS gateways are the most popular and reliable way of sending bulk sms messages from your website or blog. You can send text message, voice call, email etc through this service. It’s very easy to setup and you don’t have to worry about any technical issues.

.You will get all these features at one place: You will learn about their features, pricing plans, pros & cons, as well as how they work with WordPress sites.

If you want to know more about what is included in each plan or if it’s right for you then keep reading!

What Is A WpSms Gateway?

A wps sms gateway allows users to receive texts from mobile phones using their phone number instead of having them sign up on websites like Facebook Messenger etc.


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