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WordPress WooCommerce plugin for sms notifications

Extend your woocommerce store capabilities and create new opportunities for your business with woocommerce sms addon – the new generation sms plugin for woocommerce enables businesses to send messages and reach their customers.

Plugin Description The Twilio SMS Notifications plugin is a great way to send SMS messages with WooCommerce.

If you also purchase the Order Status Manager plugin, you can create custom statuses like “Shipped” and send automated SMS messages for them too.In addition to customer messaging, you can send yourself SMS messages whenever a sale is completed.

While email marketing works just fine, you can use SMS messages instead of any or all of these marketing messages.Boosting Sales with an SMS Plugin For WordPress

Effective communication has always been the backbone of any business. And with almost everyone spending most of their time in front of their smartphones, what’s better than the classic SMS notification to communicate to customers? Not only that, this costs the lowest among all other communication channels, but you also get the highest return possible because of its wide-reaching capacity. Many eCommerce businesses nowadays, startups and established, rely on mass SMS service to gain more growth and create better revenue. With the ever-growing demand for quick customer service, bulk SMS is one way to ensure satisfaction and minimizing complaints. Customers appreciate open communication that’s available round the clock.

Easy installation, hassle free

As most eCommerce websites online are powered by WooCommerce, one must-have feature is this SMS plugin, where customers get real-time notification of their orders, whenever and wherever they are. Like WooCommerce, this WordPress SMS plugin is very easy to install and has excellent customizable features to boost your online presence and identity. Very much like WooCommerce, it’s so easy to use and provides a lot of options for you to control. No matter what type of shop you are building, having this extension plugin is highly necessary to increase sales. This is one extension that you can’t afford to miss.

It’s not complicated to manage Unlike many other plugins, the SMS notification plugin is easy to operate.

The WooCommerce SMS notification plugin helps you craft a coupon that has a high chance of motivating customers to take the desired action.

Unlike the Twilio plugin, this WooCommerce SMS notification plugin offers different gateways, which reduce the cost of the messaging.

Features Quick SMS option allows you to send messages to the number of any customer in the store’s record Permits the sending of Whatsapp messages Comes with 35+ message placeholders Translation-ready plugin GDPR compatible Supports numerous gateways Benefits The dual messaging plugin improves the marketability of your store You can improve sales using the Quick SMS option to reach out to potential customers Comes with six months of UnitedOver customer support services With this SMS notification plugin, you can keep your customers updated on the status of their orders through regular messages.

The extension has been designed for the free Twilio account holders which is a leading cloud communications service.

The various gateways that the plugin uses are Twilio and Clockworks. The WPML integrated plugin supports a variety of SMS gateways such as Twilio, Twizo, Clicatell, BulkSMS and many more. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce PDF vouchers and supports seven SMS gateways such as Talk With Text, Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell, SMS Global, Hoiio and Intelli SMS. If you will ask me for global use we recommend you to go twilio as your sms partner and choose any free plugins which support twilio or go ahead with Bulkgate .

WP SMS Twilio for WordPress,It’s very easy to install and create a woocommerce automated marketing process.

Twilio Integration Using WordPress – How to Save Time and Money

Twilio integration with WordPress can really help you save time when you’re on the go. By utilizing your own WordPress blog, you can display Twilio results right on your WordPress website. It’s really easy to accomplish. First of all, you will need to locate the Twilio API plug-in. Twilio provides some excellent third party integrators to assist you. Just search for “Twilio WordPress Plugin” and see what pops up.

Secondly, install the Twilio WordPress Plugin. You may have to do this by clicking on the “installation files” icon that’s located within your theme’s dashboard. Once the installation has completed, then test it out by accessing your Twilio account. If you receive any errors or have any problems, you’ll be able to troubleshoot these through the Twilio support page. Installing the plugin will also set up all of your incoming and outgoing calls through your Google Voice account.

The last step is to simply place your order. As long as you have taken some time to research Twilio integration using WordPress, this should not be a major problem. You may also want to check out some other plugins that allow you to receive SMS messages to customers from Twilio, such as Twitpic, to customize your blog. There are a few other popular options that may be helpful, but in general, Twilio is one of the easiest plugins to integrate with WordPress. It also saves you time and money, which is why so many website owners choose it.

Acquired and grow your market

Using a lifetime Bulk SMS Service has a lot more added benefits, such as increasing the number of your loyal customers, ergo, increasing your sales. On this day, where people are always in a hurry, a short and straightforward notification of their online order status is highly ideal. Constant notifications of the order’s status, forward and shipping, the date of delivery, and so on will reduce customer’s perceived waiting time. This will likely make them patronize and recommend your store more. One more obvious advantage of using an SMS service in your business is its independence from the internet. This means that even for places with limited to no internet service, customers are assured of getting a notification at any time.

Perfect for all business type

As you can see, you can never go wrong in using an SMS plugin. The competition in the eCommerce business is growing more than ever. It is becoming more difficult to stay ahead of the competition while at the same time minimizing the cost. All this can be achieved by integrating an SMS plugin that will notify users of their orders and everything else they need to know. Even eCommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay use this more traditional form of communicating with customers worldwide. No matter how big or small an online business is, the priority is always to make a profit and increase returns. It’s time to invest in something that will make your business grow at a steady pace.

WordPress WooCommerce SMS Plugin Features

This Is A WooCommerce Custom Add-on By . Using This Plugin Buyer Can Get Notification About Their Order Via Sms.

  • Very Easy To Install
  • Very Easy To Customize
  • API Of Twilio Is Integrated
  • Buyer can get order sms notifications
  • Dynamic SMS Setting
  • Available Settings For Admin To Control SMS Settings
  • Send Order Details ( Order No, Order Status ) In SMS Text
  • Custom Order status triggers
  • Extended Settings Option
  • Easy UI interface
  • Unlimited recipients available
  • SMS notification Template: Custom phone number field in the check out form.
  • Bulk SMS campaign
  • Different SMS Send Corresponding To Different Order Status
  • Choose Multiple Event Which Will Trigger SMS Message On Each Order Status.
  • Notifications On Order Status (like : New, Paid, Completed )
  • Specify A Message For Each Status
  • Define The Sender/Brand Of The SMS.
  • Send Single SMS.
  • Custom SMS notifications
  • Select Products’ orders
  • Various integrations with third party extensions like for WC Bookings
  • SMS Order notifications
  • Turn Your WooCommerce Into The SMS Gateway For Your Applications.
  • Easy Management
  • Personalized SMS To Each Client
  • Easy Setup (2 Minutes Required)
  • Send SMS to Local phone contacts.
  • Integrate Custom field for Phone numbers
  • Target Specific products integrations
  • Increase customer relationship
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
  • Easy Balance Monitors.
  • Facility To Send Long SMS.
  • Extended SMS services
  • Target users and customers
  • SMS Campaigns to users/customers
  • Regular updates

The SMS addon Of WooCommerce By WPSMS.IO For WordPress Is Very Useful, When You Want To Give Notification Via SMS After Placing An Order. Or When Status Of Order Changed like (New, Paid, Completed, Shipped, Refunded). All version of WordPress 4.0+ supported