Woocommerce SMS Plugin

Even so, WordPress SMS plugins have their upsides , including: Easy integration with plugins such as Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, and more Streamlined text message creation using the familiar WordPress interface The ability to quickly send links to your latest post using tags Tracking and analytics visible right in your WordPress dashboard Managing your SMS marketing and notifications through WordPress keeps all your key information integrated and in one place .

Benefits of the Woocommerce SMS Notifications Plugin Through the SMS notifications plugin, you can keep customers updated on the processing of their orders.

With the SMS notifications plugin, you are kept updated on new orders, so you can take the necessary actions without the need to get to your computer.

Best Premium WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugins With the vast array of WooCommerce SMS notifications plugins currently available, picking the best is never going to be easy.

Features/How to use WooCommerce SMS Addon:

Improve customer service with: Automatic order status SMS notifications sent to customers and/or Admin The ability for the customer to reply to a notification text Receive the reply on your Texting Dashboard or your mobile device Customizable SMS Templates for both customers and Admin Custom SMS sent from order details Custom SMS added to order notes Read the steps below to set up and use our plugin.

If you need documentation or support for WooCommerce , see the resources on their website Follow the three easy steps in this SMS Extension for WooCommerce tutorial to send SMS notifications.

Activate SMS Notifications by WPSMS to send SMS notifications. Then set your Twilio API keys.

And on the Woocommerce SMS plugin tab, You cann change the settings and the options.

You can configure the SMS notification as per the order statuses.

Admin SMS Notification To receive an order SMS notification, enter a phone number and a nickname.

Text Message SMS Extension For WooCommerce Tutorial Integrate SMS with the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress with our Text Message SMS Extension for WooCommerce . 

Customize the SMS Message for the customers and for the admin as well, using smart short tags.


Opt-in to SMS alerts can be done by customers during the checkout process.

Now, whenever their order status changes, they will receive an SMS alert.

The key features are OTP facility for registration, login and order confirmation; customized SMS alerts for different order status and many more.

WC – SMS plugin allows you to send international SMS alerts too.

SMS alerts can be sent to any number.

Customize a description for your customers to appear under the Mobile Phone field in Billing Details , in the Description field Choose how your customer’s mobile phone number will be collected in Billing Details to send SMS notifications: To add an additional field, check Add to Billing Details To make the additional field required, check Make the Mobile Phone field required To duplicate and use the number from the Phone field , check Use the number in the Phone field (This will show and be activated when you open and update an existing order) Note: You will need to enable SMS for existing orders, learn more under Enable SMS for Existing Orders .

Note:  WPSMS Twilio SMS Notifications for WooCommerce One of the most convenient features you can offer your e-commerce customers is automated text updates regarding their purchases.

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