What Are SMS Notifications?

SMS notifications are text messages that are sent when an event occurs. An event, in this case, can refer to something as exciting as an app update to something as urgent as a weather alert.

SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” SMS notifications are sent the same way as any other text message. Usually, they’re limited to 160 characters. With our expanded messaging feature, however, you can send SMS notifications that are up to 306 characters long.

While SMS can be used as a marketing tool, it can also be used for sending time-sensitive notifications.

Why Use SMS Notifications?

Many businesses and organizations choose to use SMS notifications because they work on every device, every time. There’s no app to download or software to install. Nearly all cell phones can receive SMS. Plus, customers actually prefer texts. 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS.

Consider the following: your friend needs to inform you about something quickly. Would you rather them send you a quick text, call you, or email you? If you’re like most consumers, you answered text.

When to Use SMS Notifications

SMS notifications can be used to send emergency text alerts, inform users about new features, and send out advertising messages—among other things. Here are just a few of the most common use cases:

  • Spread the word about upcoming events
  • Send internal messages to employees
  • Increase profits with sales and cart abandonment texts
  • Inform patients about upcoming appointments
  • Fundraise or find volunteers for nonprofit organizations
  • Let customers know about reservation confirmations

Using SMS Notifications for Business, Logistics, or Safety

Because of the enviable open and interaction rates of text messages, using SMS as a delivery channel for notifications is a compelling option. Since SMSes work as a push to devices, you won’t have to rely on people checking in on a site, app, dashboard or other channels to keep apprised of events, ETA updates, or changes to plans. Additionally, the out-of-band aspect of SMSes is essential for public safety purposes (e.g., police activity, fires, or natural disasters), as well as maintaining a backup channel in case primary means of communications fail.

In marketing, SMS notifications increase the stickiness and interaction of your site for opted-in customers (local laws vary, check with your legal team about your local opt-in regulations). Whether notifying people of sales and providing coupons, keeping the conversation going on social networks, or directing people to a retail store, SMS notifications are the secret weapon for your business’s engagement.

SMS Notifications also have a pivotal role in logistics. Whether sending event updates, keeping people apprised of schedule (or even providing support) at live events, or for notifying the proper teams when bad things occur, SMS is a great channel to tie everything together. Use SMS Notifications to keep things running smoothly on the day of the show, fight exceptions, and avoid those logistical nightmares you’re dreading.