Quick Event Manager – Manage your Events on your own website

Quick Event Manager WordPress plugin allows you to manage your events easily. Awesome number of features, yet also simple to get going.

Key Features

  • View events as a list or calendar
  • Set Weekly and monthly events
  • Set start and finish dates
  • Loads of styling options
  • Optional event registration form
  • Event Payments
  • Maps, images and sort-able event fields
  • Event Manager role
  • Many different shortcodes to modify your event lists
  • Colour Coding by Category

The pro version of the plugin includes the awesome in-context checkout plus all sorts of extra options. The list will grow as new features are developed but so far it has:

  • Guest Events
  • Registration Reporting
    • by name
    • by email
    • by ‘not attending’
  • Bulk email registrants
  • Send registration details to the event organizer
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Import Events by CSV
  • Accept payments by Stripe

Pro Version

lots of additional features
* Stripe payments
* Mailchimp Integration
* Event Imports
* Additional reports
* Guest Events, allow visitors to create their own events
* Use variable donation amounts for event pricing


Event list Guest Events. Calendar