7 benefits of using SMS notifications for eCommerce store

benefits of using SMS notifications for eCommerce store

Be it an E-commerce market leader or a new E-commerce Start up, effective communication is crucial to every business. A business that commutes effectively always has an edge over its competitors. With a high 98% open rate and the lowest possible cost, SMS notification is the most effective and extensively used form of communication to interact with and to sustain customers.In this post, we will see some benefits of using SMS notifications for eCommerce

1. SMS notification enhances customer loyalty

SMS notification is a great way to engage and build loyal customers. Life is busy, a brief and informative SMS notifying the status of an order fits it. SMS order notifications like order confirmation, order dispatched, order out for delivery, order delivered and so on keeps the customer engaged and satisfied.

Sending real-time SMS notification to customers about each stage of an order not only delivers superior customer experience but also helps an eCommerce business reduce inbound queries. Whenever a customer gets extra pampering and good service from a seller their loyalty tends to increase along with the customer return rate and chances of recommendation to others.

2. SMS notification allows an eCommerce to communicate faster

The reason why people like SMS over any other source of communication is that it updates them without any extra effort and without disturbing their daily routine. A simple click and the 160-character SMS notification delivers the much-needed information in a jiffy.

Because of its less time-consuming nature, 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery and 94% are read within 5 minutes of delivery. This is precisely why eCommerce giants like eBay, amazon, Snap Deal, Flipkart etc. use SMS notification plugin widely on their website.

3. SMS notification allows future marketing opportunities

Today’s service-oriented customer appreciates a well-informed order delivery. Once you have scored well on order delivery adding a loyalty or discount code in the order delivery SMS can help you make the customer come back for more. This strategy not only doubles the smile of a happy customer but also neutralize an unhappy customer.

4. SMS has higher open rates

Compared to email notification, SMS has a staggeringly high open rate. It has 98% open rate and outperforms its nearest competitors email (20% open rate) and twitter (29% open rate). This is mainly because on an average, a person looks at his or her mobile 150 times a day especially when they feel that buzz or hear the tone of received SMS.

5. SMS notification is reliable

Like emails, SMS notification does not need to battle against spam or filters thus ensuring a 100% delivery to active mobiles. Thus, an SMS is more like a direct link to your customer with no barriers at all. Nothing more exciting for a customer than getting his or her hands on the purchase and each uninterruptedly delivered order notification SMS keeps up that excitement level up.

6. SMS notification is cost and time saving

eCommerce should be thankful to Matti Makkonen the father of SMS for his creation that is saving them all a lot of time and money. Compared to any mode of communication SMS is the cheapest and the most efficient source of communication.

Example, Amazon clocked 600 orders per second during its Prime Day 2016. Imagine the cost, time and infrastructure it would have needed to communicate order status of all the orders at every stage without a technology like SMS.


SMS service bought in bulk may cost you even less than 0.0035$/SMS and thanks to automation by SMS order notification plugins for eCommerce website, it takes less than a second to send SMS notifications to a customer. SMS truly gets the word out to all of your customers with money left in your pockets. Honestly, it is hard for any eCommerce website to survive the competition without using SMS notifications.

7. SMS bridges the changing behaviors

SMS is one channel that has been in existence since the beginning of the mobile era. It has adapted itself to changing mobile platforms and OS better than any other mode or app. Besides being a great standalone channel SMS also has the capability to promote other marketing mediums, such as eCommerce apps, social media, and email.

For Example, You can use order status SMS to promote your eCommerce app as an alternate way to track order by inserting a link that can open or install the app.



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