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WP SMS Plugin for WooCommerce

wp sms plugin : When it comes to marketing a product on the Internet, it’s easy to think that you can just launch a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad and that your campaigns will be going great success for years to come. Little do marketers know that the actual success of PPC campaigns depends heavily on their ability to use the right tools and to write compelling ads. WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS) is one of the best tools available to webmasters who want to build powerful and compelling ad campaigns. You can leverage your WordPress campaign to drive targeted traffic to your website and ultimately earn huge profits.

To send SMS via your WordPress blog, first you should gather all the phone numbers from which customers are sending text messages. You can add a call number field to your online contact form or WooCommerce click-and-pay form. Once you begin to build a mobile phone list, you can further send various texts, e-commerce sales offers with a WordPress SMS plugin, to the mobile phone numbers in your database. You can also build a mailing list using third party lead generators and transfer these data to an auto responder.

In order to send sms via your WordPress blog, a third-party plugin called WysiwygPro allows you to integrate your WordPress account with various third-party services such as Google maps, Google Goggles, Twitter and Yahoo Maps. With this WYSIWYG Pro plugin, you can integrate your subscribers without writing any code whatsoever. With this plug-in, your subscribers will receive text message reminders, as well as an email when a new message is sent from your WordPress account.

Another digital marketing plan is an SMS-to-Buying module. This plugin enables your clients to order from their smartphones through WordPress. For one to be able to order from their smartphones, they first have to activate this plug-in. From there, they will have to enter their credit card information and choose a payment mode. After that, they can either buy a text message, digital coupon or a gift voucher directly from their smartphones.

An important component of your campaign is the Woocommerce SMS notification. The plugin automatically sends out the latest promotions and new products to all your subscribers. It is easy to set up and use; you just have to create an event, specify the required fields and select the links you want to send out the notifications for. The best part about this plugin is that it integrates with your existing website as well as with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. When an update is posted on these sites, the plugin sends out the update to your subscribers automatically.

Another aspect of this product is the SMS integration. You can integrate this plugin with your blog or website to display the latest status updates and new items/offers/cancellations on your blog or site. If you want to create an easier, more convenient way for your customers or followers to stay informed about the latest offers, promotions and cancellations, you should definitely consider getting this particular WP SMS plugin.

WordPress SMS plugin for WP SMS Plugin for WooCommerce Use Twilio API to integrate Wordpress site

and WooCommerce stores with Twilio API, Send Notifications from the Website easily, Full Guide SHowing how to receive and send sms from WP Sites.Download WP SMS Pro and Run SMS Marketing Plugin for WordPress

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