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If you’ve ever wanted to add text messaging functionality to your website or app, Twilio is one of the best solutions on the market. They’re reasonably priced and have an excellent API.

Check out the demo:

Admin: sitedemo
Password: sitedemo

  • Version: 1.2.7
  • Requirements: Wordpress 5.0+
  • Released: April 2020


The plugin primarily allows a WordPress developer to extend its settings and functionality and integrate it into any type of site. For example, it can easily be extended to send a text message on virtually any WordPress action.

The plugin also includes functionality to directly send a text message to any permissible number from the plugin settings page. You can use it to SMS any of your users or just for testing purposes

Here’s a list of what the plugin provides out of the box:

  • Custom function to easily send SMS messages to any number (including international ones)
  • Functionality to directly send a text message to any permissible number from the plugin settings page
  • Hooks to add additional tabs on the plugin settings page to allow managing all SMS related settings from the same page
  • Basic logging capability to keep track of up to 100 entries
  • Mobile Phone User Field added to each profile (optional)
  • Shorten URLs using Bit.ly or Google URL Shortener API (optional)

Extend, Contribute, Integrate

Pro Addons

The plugin is extended by premium addons.

  • Woocommerce SMS : It will send SMS to your Woocommerce store’s customers to notify them about their orders’ statuses.
  • Event Espresso SMS Reminder : Itwill send SMS reminders to event attendees who register on your Event Espresso website.
  • Vantage theme SMS (By Appthemes)
  • Classipress SMS (By Appthemes)
  • More integrations to come next.

Disclaimer: This plugin is not affiliated with or supported by Twilio, Inc. All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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