What Is The LabsMobile Messaging Gateway?

LabsMobile SMS gateway offers mobile phone users with powerful solutions to send an SMS from their mobile devices. This service is completely free of charge and allows unlimited sending of SMS. It connects to the internet via WAP or Bluetooth. It can send text messages from a computer to mobile devices, regardless of the OS and application installed on them. Furthermore, you can easily change your contact information and other settings such as SMS length while working on a PC.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Wordpress 5.0+

What Is The LabsMobile Messaging Gateway? WordPress SMS Plugin

LabsMobile SMS gateway is a WAP based messaging gateway for Windows based platforms. To send text messages from your PC to a cellphone, simply insert your cellphone into the device with the software installed. You will then be presented with a list of contacts to select from. After selecting the contacts, select “send” and your message will be sent directly to the cellphone. This option is available from the LabsMobile SMS gateway application.

You can also send and receive emails using your PC as a gateway to the web. With this software, you can perform email transfers from your desktop computer to your smartphone, and vice-versa. For sending emails, simply copy and paste the HTML code given in an email body on the webpage that you want to transfer to your smartphone and select “send.” From there, you can send an email to another mobile device or a fax to another computer. In addition, the LabsMobile Email Server provides support for POP3 email, which enables you to install attachments directly on the server to help you send and receive emails on the go.

For added functionality, the LabsMobile Messaging Gateway can be modified to use MMS and MSG broadcast. To use these features, first download and install the software on your cellphone. Then, select “activate services” on the left hand navigation pane. Once done, select “MSG and MMS.” The software will prompt you to install the necessary plugins and it will also display a list of frequently used mobile objects that can be used in the application.

You can use the LabsMobile Messaging Gateway to send your friend’s email on their mobile phone. Simply download the LabsMobile Email Software app to your cellphone, tap the icon that starts the download and let the downloading process takes over a few minutes. After the download has been completed, launch the app on your cellphone and allow the software to scan your SIM card. It will then prompt you to enter a passcode that will enable it to access your mobile device. Once your mobile device is scanned, you can now send your friend’s emails and instant messages. To do this, simply launch the LabsMobile Messaging App again, launch your email client, and tap “send.”

For more detailed information about the LabsMobile Messaging Software, visit the official website. This application was not created and supported by Google. You are not permitted to use this software on any other Google-owned or partnered devices, such as Google Android or Chrome mobile phones. Any links to websites containing products or services of Google will automatically redirect you to the relevant web page.

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