Using the Africas Talking SMS Gateway

If you want to send SMS from your mobile device through an SMS gateway service provider, there are several steps you need to take and follow in order to properly integrate SMS from Africa to your company’s database. There are many gateway integrators out there that offer different solutions to this particular problem. However, one of the best solutions out there is Africas Talking.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

Using the Africas Talking SMS Gateway – WP SMS Plugin

Read on to find out how to integrate SMS from Africa with your WordPress powered business site.Africas Talking is a mobile gateway service that provides users with access to their own email as well as access to the company’s own mobile email. Each subscriber has their own username and password that they need to create prior to signing up for the service. Once these are created, subscribers can login to their email account from their mobile device and send SMS from their handsets via SMS gateway. This brings convenience and functionality together.

In order for Africas Talking to work, it’s important that your mobile site features text-to-video functionality. This means that you will be able to send a video message from your mobile phone to someone else’s phone number. By accessing the mobile gateway, you will be able to view your email on the go. Mobile video messages are supported across all major cellular devices. The text-to-video functionality works with BlackBerry smartphones, Blackberry Playbook and iPhone and iPad devices. Africas Talking also provides support for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone devices.Another way to integrate SMS from Africa is to set up auto-responders for your African clients. You can easily add an auto-responder form to your website or blog. Once this is integrated with your site, subscribers can sign-up to receive your emails on a recurring basis. You can also set up your auto-responder to send out a text message to any mobile phone numbers that you specify. This will allow you to reach subscribers who may not be online when you could be sending out a text message.

Africas Talking offers the most comprehensive platform for email marketing. Whether you need to send out bulk email or want to send only one message to a list of your subscribers, the platform is designed to allow you to do this. When you integrate Africas Talking with your email marketing platform, subscribers can sign-up to receive your emails on a recurring basis and even update their information or send out messages at any time. You can easily manage your subscriber database, which is supported by both iOS and Android.With the integration of the SMS gateway, subscribers can also sign-up for mobile service from anywhere they have access to a mobile network. You can also manage your mobile list from anywhere. There is no need to access your email on your smartphone to check the status of an individual message. The platform connects to the real time messaging systems of various cellular network providers so you can get accurate information on the location of a user even when they are not connected to their smartphones. This enables you to send messages to individuals through their cellular phones, even if they are not in the range of your mobile office.The Africas Talking SMS Gateway supports both iOS and Android. Users can access the application through their respective app stores. For users with Apple devices, you can download the iPad version of the platform and use it on the device. To send messages from your iOS device, users must have the iOS version of the Africas Talking SMS gateway service and have signed up as an established user. On the other hand, to send messages from your Android phone, you must have the Android SDK installed and you must have signed up as an active user on the Google Android Store.

As part of the mobile advertising campaign, Africas Talking SMS Gateway helps businesses promote themselves to the right audience. Once a person opens the gateway, he is able to view his email addresses. This enables him to select which messages to reply to and which ones to ignore. The messages will then be sent to his email account. Thus, sending messages to hundreds or even thousands of prospective clients without wasting time on SMS marketing strategies can be achieved through this convenient gateway.

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