Using eSMS Gateway API + Bulk WordPress SMS Plugin

[:en]SMS or short for Short Messaging Service is a system that allows for text to voice communication from cell phones to their corresponding computers. It can be used in conjunction with eSMS SMS gateway API that allows businesses to use short messaging services as a means of communication. The SMS gateway API has helped eSMS to grow phenomenally in the mobile messaging space and this is only set to grow further in coming years.[:]

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

Using eSMS Gateway API – WP SMS Plugin

A text message communication can consist of SMS, MMS, and LOT or Local Area Network. SMS is short for Short Messaging Service whereas MMS is Short Message Service and the last is Local Area Network which is the technology that provides connections between different devices and networks such as WISP or WiFi hotspots, Bluetooth and Networks that work on wireless networks. Most of the businesses are now offering this type of service through eSMS SMS gateway API which allows any mobile phone to send and receive messages through a single gateway instead of using different types of media. This makes the whole process very fast and simple.

Apart from being used as a communication tool, eSMS messaging gateway API has the ability to do things like transfer bulk messages, exchange emails and faxes and much more. There are third party eSMS service providers who provide eSMS service as well. This way eSMS service provider have the complete control over how eSMS works. The eSMS gateway API enables the services to be offered for free or at very low cost by the various e-mail or mobile phone companies.

eSMS SMS gateways have a feature known as MMS, which stands for Multi-media messaging. This facility is provided to the users of eSMS as a way to share images, videos and text with their friends by making it possible to share pictures and images in the form of small slideshows or as long streams. This can be used by everyone with a mobile phone and eSMS SMS gateway provides this facility to all. Apart from this, there are also some eSMS gateways which allow you to show message titles over the image of the text and also allows you to change the color of the text in the preview window. With the help of such eSMS services, almost everyone can easily customize their mobile phones to show different messages to their friends whenever they want to.

The eSMS gateway API allows you to retrieve and save information from eSMS and also allows you to create new messages on the basis of such information. It also allows you to search for old messages and find out where they are stored. Similarly eSMS allows you to delete the messages as well. When the user is not connected to the internet, he does not have to spend a lot of time trying to find out where the messages are stored. The eSMS gateway API makes it very easy for the user.

eSMS also has the eSMS text gateway API, which is used extensively in the Windows CE. This text service works with text-based formats and can be sent from one e-mail account to another. With eSMS text gateway API, even though a person might not be online, sending and receiving messages will work just fine as there is no compatibility issues between the systems.[:]

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