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Ozone SMS Gateway | An innovative new SMS gateway product from OzoneSMS is the Ozone SMS gateway. OzoneSMS has developed an SMS gateway for use with handheld and smart phone devices. OzoneSMS SMS gateway connects to your existing network and allows you to send text messages to up to 5 contacts at the same time, all from the one application. This new service also supports Ozone SMS applications that are specifically designed for Internet email services, which can include Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and many others.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

Ozone SMS Gateway – WordPress

The Ozone SMS software allows you to send text messages from your computer to a mobile phone or an email address via the Internet. To do so, first connect your computer to the Ozone SMS server through the USB cable. Next download and install Ozone SMS server software on your computer. Follow the instructions to set up Ozone SMS software and then plug in your mobile phone or email to the computer. Finally, select and initiate an Ozone text message application from the control panel to begin sending text messages from your computer to your mobile devices.Ozone SMS allows users to access any of their account’s features with the push of a button. If the computer is already on, Ozone SMS allows users to access the main interface through the Web browser by selecting “OPTIONS” from the tool bar and clicking the relevant icon. From there, select “SMTP” and follow the onscreen instructions. Using the SMTP protocol, Ozone sends both text and email messages to your mobile device or to your email address.

With Ozone SMS, users can also send links, documents, pictures, audio clips, and many more items that can be sent as a text message or an email attachment. These messages are subject to spam filters and will not reach the recipients end unless they are opened through a valid e-mail account such as gmail or Hotmail. Ozone sends all messages through its own proprietary gateway software, so you will never be caught sending unsolicited spam.

Ozone SMS works differently than typical SMS applications for mobile devices. Most applications send text messages as a series of one-click buttons. Ozone SMS, however, requires users to press several buttons to be able to transmit their text messages. This prevents the users from pressing the same buttons repeatedly. The Ozone SMS software uses “ARTICLES” in order to provide “buttons” to various contacts and multimedia objects that can be pressed in order to send the messages. Pressing any button will send an SMS message to the designated contact.Ozone SMS gateway software is very user friendly. Almost anyone who has basic computer knowledge can easily learn how to use Ozone SMS software. There are several video tutorials available on the Ozone website that walks users through every step of using Ozone SMS to send text and multimedia messages to cell phones and mobile gateways. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and before you know it, you will be ready to send unlimited messages to your friends and loved ones all over the globe!

Ozone SMS allows users to save hundreds of contact details on one user profile. Therefore, Ozone gateways allow the users to search for a particular contact by entering the complete phone number, including area code, in the search box. Ozone SMS also lets the users change their names, add a picture and new email addresses. With Ozone SMS, there is no more need to compose a new message to each contact because the system will automatically send a new message to the concerned contact. In addition, Ozone supports both voice and text messaging. Therefore, if you want to update your company’s website or want to write a blog for your company’s employees, then you can do it with Ozone.The Ozone SMS gateway makes it easy for businesses to access their employees and clients from anywhere they may be. Businesses can use their mobile phones as card readers at cardholder kiosks or at the ATM machine. Therefore, if you are planning to expand your business operations to other locations or if your current clientele may come from any part of the world, Ozone SMS software can help you to serve them by providing them with a modern and convenient mobile communication option that they can easily carry in their hands. If you want to learn more about Ozone SMS gateway, you can visit our website and get more information about it.

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