Oxemis SMS Gateway + Bulk WordPress SMS Plugin

Oxemis SMS Gateway | SMS Gateway is an application created by SMS Software Company “SMS Software Ireland Ltd”. This is a program that allows you to send SMS from your computer or cell phone to any SMS enabled phone. It is based on the popular OGC messaging protocol, which is capable of both text and voice transmission. Users can browse and select from a wide variety of predesigned templates that are pre-filled with SMS messages. There is also an option for customizing the messages according to one’s needs. The application has a lot of features, which makes it very useful in terms of communication.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

Oxemis SMS Gateway – WordPress

Users can either send the messages through email or they can add their SMS to their emails. The SMS sent through this application can be read by various mobile phones such as Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sharp, and iPhone etc. These applications are compatible with Microsoft Windows CE, Windows Mobile, iPhone and other mobile devices that run on the Windows CE platform. In addition, they can also be used to send SMS to a PC via an Ethernet cable. This feature makes this application suitable for use from a remote location.

The application uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to synchronize the messages. Since this is a Microsoft-owned service, it provides most of the functions of Exchange like managing multiple email addresses, sending and receiving messages, scheduling email messages, and creating and deleting messages. You can also import/copy Microsoft Outlook data from the server and then create your email addresses. MS Exchange also provides the features that are similar to those of Outlook like auto-responder and auto-calendars. However, these tools are not available in this application.The other major difference between this application and the ones provided by Microsoft is that it is developed using a Java platform. The only advantage of using an application developed in Java is that the server does not need to be setup. Just make sure that the users have an Internet connection. Setting up the server connection is usually done through the usage of a browser or a plug-in. Users also need to have a compatible operating system to be able to successfully run this application.

The SMS Gateway enables users to send and receive SMS from any location. In order to do this, an Internet connection is required. The users just have to connect to the server and the application will automatically detect the connection and the IP address. With this set-up, any user in the world can send text messages to other users. In addition, this application is able to send images, files, and files to other users. These are just some of the features that this SMS software has to offer.To use this application, you have to download and install the software. The server configuration can also be done through a web browser. Then, you have to select which gateways to connect to. When the server is opened, you can already start sending and receiving messages. You just have to wait for your messages to be delivered.

As soon as the messages are sent, the user can check his or her email. You can even send messages on vacation. It can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. This tool is very convenient for business users as well as personal users. Since it is an online-based application, it is very easy and hassle-free to use.All in all, the Oxemis SMS Gateway is very beneficial. Aside from allowing people to stay connected, it provides security and privacy for the messages. Therefore, it is a very convenient way of staying in touch and for business establishments as well. Thus, it is a very good investment.

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