OurSMS Messaging Gateway

OurSMS SMS Gateway is the SMS gateway software that can be integrated with any of the popular mobile phones. OurSMS SMS Gateway can be used by any user with any of the popular smart phone devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, i Normandy and Symbian. OurSMS allows your application to send and receive text messages from any mobile on the network without using a cell phone plan or any cell phone carrier service. In this article you will find some of the exciting benefits of using OurSMS SMS gateway in India.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

OurSMS Messaging Gateway

OurSMS is free of charge text and multimedia services available through the gateway and there is no need for the end user to pay any charge. OurSMS gateway is an open-source project and provides the same services as other commercial SMS software and gateways do. There are several advantages of using OurSMS gateway. The major advantage is a free service and unlimited sending and receiving of messages from any compatible smart phone.

OurSMS messaging gateway in India offers the same features as the software provided by the parent company. OurSMS is an easy to use software which is not very complicated and has a user-friendly interface. There is a lot of space for the customization of the software. You can personalize the text messages sent through OurSMS gateway with various graphics and backgrounds. You can also customize the graphics on the desktop of the OurSMS client. And many more things are possible.

Free OurSMS message and multimedia services have a very simple and easy to understand interface. The most difficult part of using OurSMS Messaging gateway in India is the downloading of the software from the website of the company. Most of the companies provide this service absolutely free of cost. After installation of the software on the required computer and mobile, sending and receiving messages on the network has become extremely easy and simple. Since messaging through OurSMS is completely free of cost, many people prefer to use this service rather than any other service.

The network services provided by the messaging gateway in India are very fast. Sending and receiving messages on the network is quite fast. The data and voice quality are better than any other services. Another major advantage is that your email is received or sent immediately. These are some of the unique advantages of using OurSMS Messaging gateway.

Free OurSMS message and free MMS services are also available from various websites. You will be able to find all kinds of promotions and offers such as free calling minutes. Such offers will help you save lots of money. The calls made through free calling plans are not subject to any kind of charges.

One of the most important benefits of using OurSMS messaging is the security provided by it. This is one of the main reasons why millions of people around the globe are using this messaging service. OurSMS messaging gateway is secured by the use of passwords or codes that users provide while installing the software on their computers. There are several other security methods also included in the services which ensure security of the data. Apart from this, other security systems are used such as SMTP, SSL, etc.

A webmaster can easily make use of OurSMS messaging gateway for marketing his services online. This can help him to promote and advertise the products and services offered by him without worrying about the cost involved. People who do not have the technical knowledge can also take help of OurSMS Messaging. They just need to provide the correct information regarding their company’s website and they will be able to send and receive emails easily.

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