MobTexting SMS Gateway + Bulk WordPress SMS Plugin

Moboxing is a service, which enables you to send SMS from your computer to a mobile via Internet or cell phone network. The SMS gateway technology helps you to send text messages from your computer to a mobile via Internet or cell phone network. This service is popular in India and a lot of users love it. The SMS Gateway allows one to integrate SMS into a wide range of web services, which was impossible until recently.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

MobTexting SMS Gateway – Wordpress Plugin SMS

MOBtexting can send text messages from your computer to a mobile through an SMS gateway software application. It allows you to integrate MOBtexting with a wide variety of third-party services including IM, texting, picture and video, music applications and a wide range of other communication services. Third-party applications for MOBtexting offer many features and capabilities that the standard SMS applications do not have. One of the most popular applications is MOBtexting Client which is used to manage all incoming and outgoing SMS from a computer. It allows you to preview all messages and even delete some messages, if you wish.

The MOBtexting server software can be downloaded on to the computer of the user before starting the service. Once installed, the text messages will be sent from the computer to the mobile by this software application. There are a number of gateways that offer this service; however there are only two basic types of gateways – the ICMP based protocol and the TCP/IP based protocol. ICMP is the oldest type of protocol and is susceptible to different types of attacks including data flooding and replay attacks. On the other hand, the ICMP based protocol is more reliable and secure as well as being capable of delivering large volumes of text messages in a short time.

MOBtexting can be used in two ways – either transferring messages to a phone via the computer’s browser or the PC/web-based MOBtexting client. The email to phone gateway service is similar to text message messaging except that with this service messages are converted into HTML before being sent to the phone. The gateway then transfers the message from the computer to the phone as an RML or RealTime Message format. This allows you to send your messages instantly wherever you may be.

There are some differences between MOBtexting and regular text messages. While a text message has a fixed length before it is sent, MOBtexting messages do not have a fixed size. There is also the possibility that the messages will be garbled or cut out, but this is highly unlikely as the data is encrypted before being sent. There is also a limitation on the number of characters that can be sent and received, but this can easily be increased with a text-messaging gateway. In comparison, MOBtexting is much faster as it does not require the PC to access the Internet for sending and receiving the message.

The MOBtexting software is available at a reasonable price and can easily be downloaded from the internet. It connects to any of the major cell phones and also any of the major computers. The text message gateway is used by the company as well as the customer and is simple to use with a basic tutorial that provides you with a working knowledge of how it works. This technology is now a must have for anyone who wants to stay in contact with their friends and family no matter where they may be.

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