Link Mobility SMS Gateway + Bulk WordPress SMS Plugin

Integrate SMS functionality with the business phone network and networked mobile device for fast, simple, cost effective text messaging. We believe that all of us have a desire to be entertained, informed, and in touch. Mobile messaging is one of the best ways of doing these three things. SMS (Short Messaging Service) can send SMS to anyone anywhere in the world. You can integrate your gateway with existing SMS service providers including; Blackberry, Textpro, Yahoo, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other mobile phone service providers to send text messages to any compatible phone.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

As a business owner or SMS service provider, you can provide easy access for customers or clients to send and receive text messages from anywhere in the world at reasonable rates. The gateway allows you to create business accounts that are tied to your gateway service and charge consumers or clients for text messages sent and received from these accounts. You will be able to monitor your direct competition through their text messaging activities. Your gateway service allows you to integrate your gateway application with existing SMS service providers for improved SMS marketing.

It has been estimated that nearly $50 billion is being spent every year on mobile messaging. More people are sending text messages on their cell phones each day. This has created a tremendous opportunity for business owners and SMS service providers who are looking to increase their market share. Consumers have become accustomed to instant messaging and the convenience of sending messages from one computer to another is a convenience they want to have. With the ability to incorporate messaging with mobiles, businesses can take advantage of this technology to reach clients and customers when they are ready to do so.

With the right gateway software, a business owner or individual can easily set up an account and start sending text messages to and from their mobile phone. Businesses can easily monitor the activity of their customers as well. When a person receives a text message from a business, they will see the same message on their mobile phone screen. This makes it easier than ever for a business or individual to send a message directly to their client or customer.

A business can send text messaging campaigns based on different criteria such as location, time of day, a product or service they offer and even keywords or phrases. The only thing a business has to invest in is the gateway software which is provided through the Mobility Mobile Connect platform. All they need to do is choose the category they want their campaign to be in and then pick a mobile phone number for their campaign to be sent to. No matter how a customer or client receives the message, they will receive it with no problems thanks to the SMS gateway applications that are provided.

If a business or individual has an upcoming event or promotion, they can easily plan out their campaigns and track the performance of their business or individual through their mobile phones. Whether they use the traditional methods of mobile marketing or they decide to go the mobile SMS gateway route, they will have complete control over how their promotions go. They can change their strategy as often as necessary, or they can change the keywords they are using. For instance, if they choose to target their promotions towards younger clients, they can alter the text messages they use to ensure they appeal to a younger crowd. They can also change the pictures or photos they include in the messages they send so they can make sure they fit in with the image they are trying to portray.

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