ExpertTexting – An Innovative SMS Gateway For Your Business

ExpertTexting SMS Gateway with WordPress provides a simple, quick and effective way to integrate your SMS marketing with your existing business platform. You can now easily send SMS from your iPhone or Android phone to any mobile using your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. All this is possible thanks to an ExpertTexting SMS gateway that connects you to the leading SMS delivery application in the world. The SMS software is designed to work with most of the major mobile communication service providers (MMS, GPRS) and to also integrate with popular email and instant message services such as Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Messenger, and Gmail. This ensures that your customers always have a feature-rich and user-friendly messaging platform to rely on.

Version: 1.0.0
Released: April 2024
Requirements: Twilio Core Plugin

With a fully featured ExpertTexting SMS gateway, your business will be able to easily provide text and multimedia messages via email, instant message or MMS to up to 5 different platforms. You can also integrate the system with your existing back office platform to let clients to send you files directly from your desktop, tablet or laptop. This means that you can easily sync your documents and calendars too – meaning that your clients will never have to leave your office to share their files! In addition, if your business also has an online store, you can integrate your payment processor such as PayPal into the system so that your customers can send their credit card information right from their PC to your ecommerce site. With access to a free local or toll-free number, you will never be without a phone or wireless connection no matter where your customers are located.

For marketers, sending bulk text messages is a great way to advertise. However, SMS marketing is one of the most expensive ways to market on the internet today. If you want to get started quickly and easily, there are few alternatives that offer just what you need at a very affordable price.

As an SMS gateway, ExpertTexting provides everything you need to get started including a free mobile SMS provider, a client application for Windows or Linux, and the ability to integrate your text messages with PowerPoint presentations. ExpertTexting works as an SMS gateway to allow you to send and receive sms through your computer. You can also set up automatic text sending by setting up your computer to receive and send SMS at scheduled times. The beauty of this application is that you will never have to pay monthly bills again. You can easily use your computer as a back end for your mobile marketing campaign.

The other thing that sets ExpertTexting apart from other text messaging application is that it allows you to send text messages to mobile phone users from anywhere in the world. Since the platform connects to the internet, you can access your text messages from anywhere. You can send a text message to your mother, your boss, or even make a personal call to a friend’s cell phone. Once your text message arrives, the software matches the sender to the cell phone. In order to ensure that nobody else sees your text, your application has an auto-notification feature that notifies the user to delete the message once it has been viewed.

With over thirty-five billion different texts being sent every day, there are endless ways to connect to users and establish long term relationships. If you are looking for a way to stay connected and share ideas and information with friends, family members, or business partners, ExpertTexting can help you keep in touch with those you care about. Whether it is sending an urgent text that must be seen to the right person or making a quick update to let them know you are thinking of them, ExpertTexting gives you the ability to stay connected.

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