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SMS GatewayAPI is a service that allows developers to send SMS messages from their applications. The service provides APIs that allow developers to integrate SMS into their applications.

WP SMS is compatible with Gatewayapi API integration, You can integrate it to your WordPress Website easily and send SMS /Text messages through Your gateway and WordPress SMS Plugin

SMS gateway API has become a very useful tool for mobile marketing because it allows businesses to reach customers via text message. This service is especially helpful for companies who want to promote new offers or provide customer support.

SMS gateway API is also known as SMS API, SMS Gateway, SMS Service Provider or SMS SP. SMS gateway API is a web service that enables sending and receiving SMS messages through HTTP protocol.

1. GatewayAPI

The Gateway API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of software protocols that allow applications written in different programming languages to communicate with each other using HTTP requests. This API allows developers to integrate their applications into the Gateway platform.

2. GatewayAPI_V4

The GatewayAPI V4 is a RESTful web service that provides access to data from the Gateway database. You can use this API to query your own data directly without having to write any code.

3. GatewayAPI_V5

The GatewayAPI V5 is a SOAP-based web service that provides access via XML documents. This API is used to interact with the Gateway database.


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