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How to send Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS  – WordPress SMS Plugin

WordPress SMS Plugin – Nowadays, technology developed and could impact every aspect of life, even business, which became easier to manage through the internet and messaging. BULK SMS became an indispensable way of communication used by companies.

To start, the word « SMS » is an abbreviation for three words : Short, Message, Service . SMS in micro level is a system which enables mobile phone users to send and receive text messages with the most cheap price . On the other hand BULK SMS is known as MASS SMS or TEXT BLAST which is a service that authorizes to send and disseminate a large number of « SMS » simultaneously, to a broader audience . In brief BULK SMS is used to send out the volumes of text messages using a phone in a short time to a lot of people at the same time . We can split BULK SMS to : wholesale SMS sent from the reseller companies . The second one is Retail SMS : messages which are sent from clients like Facebook , Google … etc .

Mostly business owners, community groups marketing, agencies, banks and financial institution need to send text messages to thousand of their customers at the same time with low operational costs , which is only possible if they use a « BULK SMS GATEWAY » Moreover, using « BULK SMS GATEWAY » is very effective due to the provided features .

How to use BULK SMS WordPress SMS Plugin ?

Without a doubt « BULK SMS » will intelligently deliver your message at the right time, to the correct mobile number, in the correct country with the cheap price. Did you wonder before how do we send « BULK SMS GATEWAY » ? or how do we even use it ? SO, these are the five steps that will be your guide to how use « BULK SMS » :

First thing you should do is to select your provider (wpsms)for example , second you should create your account, then upload your list of clients and provide the text message that you want to send , and the last thing you just click send .

Benefits Of BULK SMS WordPress SMS Plugin

  • Low operational costs : BULK SMS costs less than the other adverstising options such print, radio or Tv . The law costs makes BULK SMS one of the best options for a maximum return on investment (ROI).
  • Impressive open rate : with compare to other marketing tools , BULK SMS has a very open rate because 90% OF normal people open their message in 10 minutes .
  • Few barriers to delivery : SMS messaging reach the inteded recipient while emails do not.
  • Easy to use : Nowadays even a simplest mobile phone has an sms features.
  • Competitive advantages.
  • Delivers instantly : Unlike emails, may not be picked up for days, an SMS take less then 7 seconds to reach the intended recipient..
  • It is versatile : it has so many different uses and can be sent in so many ways .
  • It is inegrated : using an API, you can sms enable you websites, application on your customer relashionship management platforme.


When business industries and organizations have an important announcement, reminder, or some special offers and need to communicate it to a large number of people, they are likely to prefer to use the most easy and cheap way to reach their targeted audience all at once .

Therefor, one of the most suitable platforms is Twilio, which delivers his most known service for this kind of needs : A text marketing solution, which is a service that drives the clients to use text messaging and see them how they are engaging with your SMS. Another solution is provided ; the tracking service call wich is exactly clarifies the effectiveness of your campaigns using phone numbers . Also, the service of high quality of the network coverage, and it is very easy to use. Besides to the service of building scalable solutions, offers a compatible system with the Api provided by the SMS GATEWAY, and the maximum quantity of text msg purchased, with no expiration data service.


Pricing of BULK SMS WordPress SMS Plugin

As it is known, twilio is a global cloud communication messaging platform that enables businesses to multiple communication means ( including sms and voice chat) to their web and mobile devices.

Twilio BULK SMS pricing is based on the destination and type of message, as well as the carrier to which the SMS is being sent. As well as if the using SMS are sent to a local mobile number or international, also provides a free trial that follows for restricted usage . Twilio plans range from 99 dollar per month for the studio pro plan to 999 dollar per month for the studio business plan.


BULK SMS WordPress SMS Plugin is a trending service of short messages to reach clients in bulk directly in just few seconds. It is used by majority of industries like marketing companies, banks . It is an effective way to communicate with the targeted audience.