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Key Features

The Power of SMS

When it comes to digital marketing, you have a surplus of options for connecting with your audience. Email and social media are popular and effective methods, but are not without their flaws. Spam folders and the ability to hide activity on Facebook make it easy for users to ignore your campaigns.

If you’re having trouble reaching leads, you may want to look into WordPress SMS plugins. You can send texts to your subscribers regarding e-commerce orders, appointments, new posts, and more. This provides a direct line to your leads as well as existing customers and clients.

SMS Solutions & Features

If you think text messages are somehow obsolete, you might be thinking your marketing strategy wrong.


It’s Automatic

It's automatic, A way to save time and make the flow of communications independent.


It gets everywhere

Its supporting devices make SMS truly omnipresent and delivered evrywhere.


It can be personalized​

You can personalize the messages making them recognizable.


It’s versatile

It affects the customer journey to be made up of moments and touchpoints


It’s integrated

The SMS channel can be connected to any WordPress/Ecommerce Website


It’s real-time

Once delivered, the SMS is opened almost systematically.

When running a business, you absolutely want to have a tool to help you notify your customers about your new products or any other marketing campaigns. So here we provide you Top-notch WordPress SMS Plugin and addons so that you can send text messages for your customers easily.

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