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What is SMS API integration ?

An SMS API allows you to integrate SMS services with your website, third-party application, mobile app, or CRM. In this highly competitive online environment, SMS app integration becomes a measurable advantage against popular apps. An SMS API is an interface used to make a reliable, open correlation...
wordpress sms plugin

7 WordPress SMS Text Message Plugins

The use of the WordPress SMS plugin is very benefic and whatever your goals when it comes to sending text messages with WordPress, there’s an SMS plugin that will help you accomplish them. The trick is finding the best one to suit your specific needs. Below, we’ve collected ten plugins that can ...

The Benefits of Using a WordPress SMS Plugin

Sending Text Messages With WordPress SMS Plugins Although SMS isn’t discussed as frequently as email or social media as a way to get in touch with users, it has a variety of use cases for many different types of WordPress sites. For example: Online retailers can send order confirmations and update...